6 Best Moisturizers for Oily & Acne Prone Skin in 2020

6 Best Moisturizers for Oily & Acne Prone Skin in 2020

Should you be wearing a moisturizer if you have oily or acne-prone skin? Absolutely! And these 6 moisturizers, won’t make your skin oily, shiny or clog your pores!

Best Overall – The Indigo Cream: Fragrance free, this moisturizer provides lasting hydration, calms and soothes skin, helps to relieve minor irritation and itching, and also visibly improves skin texture and elasticity. My sensitive skin is especially reactive to indoor heat during colder months. An hour or two in a heated room or car, and my face feels like it’s on fire. My skin gets red and flaky and this moisturizer helps like there is nothing else. Love that it not only gets rid of dryness but also helps with any redness or irritation.

Best Soothing & Pore-Minimizing Moisturizer – Clear Oil Free Moisturizer by Paula’s Choice: I live for Paula’s Choice products and this is one of my all-time favorites. Love that it delivers moisture without oil or shine, love that it contains niacinamide to minimize pores and improve the overall texture of your skin, love that it visibly reduces redness! Since this is a night-time moisturizer, I use it as a final step in my evening skincare routine and always love the results I see the next morning.

Best Night-Time Oil Free Moisturizer – CeraVe Pm Facial Moisturizing Lotion: Another night-time favorite moisturizer, I love CeraVe products for their simplicity and functionality. Ultra-lightweight, it actually helps to restore skin’s natural moisture barrier overtime. So, you’re not just getting the immediate results but it actually works to improve your complexion overtime. By the way, it also contains niacinamide, which is a rather amazing ingredient that helps to sooth the skin, improve texture and balance oil production.

Best for Sensitive Skin – Toleriane Soothing Skincare: If you have sensitive, oily skin like I do, than this product may be for you. I first came across this moisturizer at a pharmacy in Paris and was blown away how quickly it worked to relive redness and irritation. Though it took some effort to find it in US, I am so glad that it’s not available at Ulta! Love that it’s oil free, won’t clog pores, is fragrance-free and works wonders for sensitive skin.

Best for Fine-Lines – Biossance Squalane + Omega Cream: My mom always said that my oily skin will eventually balance out… Well, I’m 38 and still waiting for my skin to get a little less oily! But now, on top of oiliness, I have to deal with fine lines, which is where this moisturizer comes in. Not only does it plump and hydrate, it does not clog my pores, nor does it make me more oily or shiny. Love that!

Best Face-Priming Moisturizer – Bobbi Brown Face Base Priming Moisturizer: Should you be using a moisturizer under your foundation if you have oily skin? Why yes, you absolutely should because it will make your make up go on smoother, and this particular priming moisturizer will not make your skin more oily, nor will it clog your pores. It will simply create a beautiful base for your foundation!

Also, I couldn’t really write this post without mentioning mattifying face primers. If you love an ultra matte finish, a mattifying primer is definitely something you should look into. Typically I use it on top of my moisturizer, to control shine and keep my makeup in place longer. In combination with Nars Soft Matte Foundation and Laura Mercier setting powder, a mattifying primer gives you that super-matte finish that stays in tact all day!

Tatcha The Indigo Cream | CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion | La Roche-Posay Toleriane Soothing Protective Skincare | Paula’s Choice CLEAR Oil Free Moisturizer | Bobbi Brown Face Base Priming Moisturizer and Vitamin Enriched Eye Base | Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream and Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel | Estée Lauder The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher | Erborian Extra Matte Ultra Mattifying Primer

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