7 Things That Make a Basic Tank Look Exceptionally Cool

No matter how many buzzy new trends summer 2020 may be giving us, there are plenty of reliable seasonal staples we haven’t given up on (nor do we plan to). Despite this summer looking different than last year (or maybe because of it), a renewed emphasis is being given to these forever style staples and if you ask us, there’s one that stands apart from the rest. Basic tank tops like the ribbed and racer neck iterations that are currently trending are arguably the most important staples to own, and since we’ve already done a number of stories on how and where to shop for them, today’s focus is all about styling ideas.

You’re probably thinking that, yes, obviously you already have one (or several) in rotation, so here’s how to wear a tank top in the most summer 2020 way. Fashion girls are all about a few trendier pieces to pair with their tanks that give them a fresh feel, from accessories like chain necklaces to styling tricks like draping a sweater over your shoulders. Ahead, discover the seven things they’re wearing to make even the most basic of tanks look exceptionally cool.

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