The 14 Best Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

There’s something about the onset of summer that has us craving a drastic hair change as thirstily as we crave a pitcher of ice-cold (preferably spiked) lemonade on a hot day. Due to the forthcoming rise in temperatures, it’s a natural temptation to chop everything off in favor of length that maybe won’t get sweat-stuck to our collarbones and backs this season, but part of us also loves the allure of super-long length to frame our favorite bikini tops and summertime jewelry. And hey, if the combination of long strands and summertime humidity sends you over the edge in apprehension, a simple ponytail or pretty braid is the perfect antidote.

The one and only hitch? The ever-so-slightly important process of actually getting that ultra-long length. For many of us, growing out our strands can seem impossible—what with annoying factors like split ends, abuse from our favorite styling tools, scalp buildup, genetics, and basically anything else that poses a vendetta against all of our long hair goals. Luckily, however, there are some effective solutions to help remedy the situation. Getting regular trims and regularly treating your hair to some hard-earned TLC goes a long way, but sometimes some extra help from hair growth–promoting products and supplements can do the trick do. We’ve heard from countless readers and fellow co-workers that Amazon has an impressive secret stash of products for hair growth, so we decided to dig around and comb through reviews to find out which of said products Amazon reviewers love most. So in the name of longer, stronger hair this season, keep reading for 14 of the best products for hair growth, according to the nitpicky standards of Amazon’s toughest beauty-shopping critics.

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