The 21 Best Concealers for Dark Circles, Hands Down

The 21 Best Concealers for Dark Circles, Hands Down

One of the beautiful things about concealer is its versatility. Find a good formula, and you can use it for everything under the sun—highlighting, contouring, diffusing the look of that pimple you woke up to, and, perhaps our favorite perk, camouflaging dark circles. 

Now, it’s important to be aware that there are tons of culprits where dark circles are concerned, and rather annoyingly, not all of them are under our control. (For instance, allergies, bone structure, age, underlying skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, and genetics can all cause or worsen dark circles.) You can read our A-list esthetician’s guide to treating dark circles here, but for a quick fix, finding a concealer specifically geared toward dark circles is your best bet. And yes, some concealers are significantly more competent in the coverage, crease-proof, and all-day longevity departments than others. 

Since there are about one million concealers on the market all geared toward dark circles, we did the muscle work for you by whittling down the masses to our top 21 picks. Below, you’ll find our most-trusted formulas and important information like shade range, ingredients, finish, and the like. Keep scrolling!

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